Bonnie Burton (bonniegrrl) wrote in mc_chris,
Bonnie Burton

mc chris: Napping with Artoo

Growing up in the north shore suburbs of Chicago, rapper mc chris (Christopher Ward) spent his childhood being tormented by the wampa, playing with his Yoda action figure and dreaming of Star Wars. Because he was too young to remember seeing the films in the theater (though he did watch them later over and over on Betamax tapes), his first memory of Star Wars revolves around hanging out with everyone's favorite droid.

"I had this plush Artoo that beeped, and there's this picture of me sleeping by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa and I'm using Artoo as a pillow," mc chris says. "Wishful sleeping, maybe?"

Read my interview with mc chris here:
mc chris: Napping with Artoo
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